Glorypearl Dy is a content creator and an experienced multimedia person She is the co-founder of Switotwins,Inc. Her Personal blog is tips from the media arts girl.

Gloryrose Dy is an architect and one of the founders of  Switotwins,Inc.

Sam Cabrera graduated with a degree in Communications from a prominent university in Davao. She is a freelance writer and an English tutor for Japanese students. She loves cooking and eating.

Marben Picar is a freelance social media specialist, online content manager and graphic designer. He loves to teach drawing to children during his free time and read books to his nephews before sleeping.

Cheska Dy Saavedra is a student from a prominent school in Dumaguete City. She is head of the debating team, a ballerina and a freelance writer. Her passion is photography, dancing and loving life.

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