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Well lately, I have been very passionate about sustainable transport and inclusive mobility and I think everybody in the Philippines should be as well. Sustainable transport and non-motorized transport has been gaining popularity in the Philippines I believe but I think we actually fall a little short in terms of implementing it compared to other countries.

In fact, this good implementation of a walkable city is very evident in romantic films in other parts of the world and I am posting this blog to show you what I mean.

So, I have compiled these 5 films which I think (and I have watched) showing how a city is really walkable.

For the first three films, let me show you the trilogy of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight which are set in different cities

1. Before Sunrise

In this movie, the two couples who just met on the train are seen walking and talking in the entire city of Vienna. You can see how walking can really form a spark there, huh, Take note of all the scenery and how comfortable they where with all the trees while the entire love spark was going on. And then they leave each other in a train.

2. Before Sunset

Oh, how can we ever forget the day they met again. These two love birds met again in Paris, another walkable city as shown in this film. And once again they kept on walking and talking the entire time until they decide to settle at Celine's (the name of the woman in the film) place and thus begun their life together.

3. Before Midnight 

Jesse and Céline, from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, are now married and decide to go on a vacation at Greek Peloponnese peninsula, another walkable place as shown in this movie. As married couples, they discuss their concerns especially about Hank, Jesse's son from his ex-wife and they did this by walking around the Peloponnese peninsula. You can really see how easy it is to walk around an environment such as that. Not to mention the great history of the place and the almost surreal feel of the buildings and streets.

4. Once 

Set in Dublin, this semi-romantic (I must say) is about how creative process can start by walking. The girl meets the guy along the sidewalk while the guy was playing his guitar. Then they walk together around Dublin and discuss possible collaborations on music and also some subtle romantic glances on the side. Finally, they make music together. Ah! All because of walking and meeting on the walkable streets.


5. In the City of Sylvia

Althought this film was not released in mainstream, this is one of my favorite film so I have included this on the list. It is about a young foreigner who sits at the outdoor diners sketching and hoping to find the women he met there years before. Then he suddenly sees here and follows her everywhere she went until they finally arrive the train station. In the movie, one can really experience what it is to walk to different places comfortably (while stalking on the side).

So, that is about it. These are my five examples of romantic films showing walkability of the city in my opinion.  I bet you have examples, too. Do you? Maybe more Asian perhaps or even examples from the Philippines films? We do have walkable cities such as Dumaguete City and Vigan right? And we can even add more walkable cities by being advocates of sustainable transport and inclusive mobility.

So, let me know your thoughts. Please comment below to share your list of films.

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