As the cliche goes, "love is in the air". Every novel is about romance and the movies in the cinema have one underlying theme: love.
Not every love story is airy and light. Some go through different challenges that make their story an epic one. So may not have one (yet!!!)
but seeing someone else's is very inspiring.

Here are ten romantic videos every person who believes love will enjoy.

1. Pictionary turned into Proposal on a Friday night....

2. Justin and Emily: The Proposal

3. SUPER CREATIVE - The Proposal - How I Surprised Her XOXO

4. EPIC proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the making

5. She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn't Even Know it!!

6. The Proposal

7. Brad and Emily get Engaged!

8. Creative Cinema Marriage Proposal!

9. Her Fantasy Proposal that EXCEEDED Her Expectations!!

10. Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

If this doesn't say much about love, then your heart needs a little smooshing to be soft. Don't ever be afraid to share
your life and heat to someone else because it can be the best feeling ever.

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