Every emerging architect and structural engineer knows Santiago Calatrava. That is because he somehow successfully intertwined the complex architectural design with complex structural integrity. With his famous and somewhat novelty designs, he is more often than not looked up to by every architect in existence.

I think it is because Calatrava has a way of articulating his designs from the intangible to the tangible. Agree?

Check these cu-ration of Calatrava videos and see if we have the same comment. Be inspired in bring nature to building forms.

"Constructing the New Designing Minds", three lectures by Dr. Santiago Calatrava and Prof. Alexander Tzonis, Dec. 2006

Santiago Calatrava: finding architecture's soul

 Architecture 09 of 23 Santiago Calatrava Satolas TGV

 Santiaogo calatrava documentary

 Famous Architect Santiago Calatrava selected projects

 Curve Architecture - Santiago Calatrava

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