Sorry to bring it up to you guys but these news website have fake news. Yes, their news are funny and share worthy but they are all not true. But nevertheless FUN.

1. “So, What’s News?”
Noynoy, Pacman and Kris Aquino news? This website is the master for satire fake news about the popular stars in the country and abroad. Sadly, everything is made up.

America's Finest News Source, for really funny fake news that is. 

Ever heard about the article saying Pinay's are band from any beauty pageants? Well they are all fake! The article came from Adobo Chronicles and mind you everyone had a feast of comments ranting about that article. 

Our personal favourite in this bunch. This blog posts quote and quote interviews of famous people as if he really did it. And mind you, he sure knows how to make the tone seem authentic. Take for example Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's laugh and Kris Aquino's sarcasm.

5. Abril Uno
Funny stories about Mayweather and Pacman are very up to date at Abril Uno. And the jokes are very witty you would think it's real. Not?!!!

So the next time you rant about a news online, check the website first. They do have a disclaimer somewhere at their footer saying that their news are plainly for fun.

Comment if you know other website with parody news.

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