Every once in a while, girls love to step out and paint the town red. Unlike guys, who take just about 10 minutes to get ready, the women love the process of getting ready for a night out in the town. The process of choosing an outfit to matching their make up is one of the reasons why they go out at night. Here are a few ideas on how to look extra good on your next shindig.

1. Purple Smoke - Mid night eyes - Make up tutorial
2. A Night Out Makeup Tutorial Carlibel55
3. 10 Minute Evening Look Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones
4. Summer Evening Makeup
5. Green Summer Evening - Make-up Tutorial
6.Getting Ready ? Night Out Makeup & Outfit
7.Eye Makeup Tutorial: How to Create a Sexy Evening Makeup Look
8. Nina Dobrev Inspired Make-up and Outfit
9.My Birthday Night Out Makeup Tutorial!
10.Get Ready With Me | GO TO Night Out Makeup

Now these ladies may seem easy to do but remember it takes quite a few times to get it right. You might want to have a "make up test drive" before finalizing it. Hope you had fun watching all these wonderful looks!:)

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