Origami is a great hobby for everyone. It's therapeutic and gives anyone a sense of finishing something once it's made. After going through different kinds of origami, these videos will show anyone how paper folding can create different figures.

1. Origami Scorpion Tutorial (Tadashi Mori)

2. Origami Bascetta Star

3. [TAG] Origami

4.Origami Spiral Ball

5.complex origami models

6.Origami Jedi Master Yoda

7.Origami Ant

8. Origami Money Dog

9. How to fold a difficult checkerboard table
10. How to make an Origami Rose (Evi Rose, by Evi Binzinger)

 Creating different things while folding paper will give anyone a sense of fulfillment especially when they reach a certain level of difficulty. These videos are not for beginners, they are made for people who have a lot of practice. Don't worry about making not-so-perfect pieces. It's all about practice and patience with origami.

curated by Sam Cabrera

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