Throughout the year, dinner parties and luncheons happen. In every meal, dessert is a must have. One of the easiest things to bring for dessert is a good old cake.They can be as simple as a chiffon cake or you can go crazy and create a beautiful mille crepe cake. You can always opt ordering from a bake shop but nothing tastes better than a homemade cake.

1. How to Make a Fondant Pleated Cake
2. How-to make an Ombre Ruffle Cake
3.Spherical Concencentric Layer Cake Tutorial
5. How To Make CAKE POPS
6. How To Make The Best Secret Recipe Of Chocolate Cake
7.How To Make Your Own Carrot Cake
8.German Chocolate Cake
9.Vanilla Cake Recipe Demonstration
10.How to Make Red Velvet Cake: Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Making a cake isn't all that hard. All you need to do is follow instructions and measure the ingredients correctly. Your loved ones will love the hard work you put through in each cake you make. Don't worry about having left over because everyone will finish it all up!

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