Filipinos love to eat. For every occasion, food is always in order. Yes, no matter what it is, Filipinos love to throw a feast. Even coming home from school means having a little spread of pan de sal, kesong puti and a good cup of sikwate. Here are a few Filipino dishes that everyone needs to try.

1.Beef Steak (Bistek)

2.Pininyahang Manok // Chicken & Pineapple

3. Pork Estofado

4. Kare-kare

5.Adobo Chicken Recipe - How to Make Authentic Adobo Chicken

6. Kalderetang Kambing

7. Pork Sinigang

8.Pork Dinuguan

9. Lechon Paksiw

10.Crispy Pata

See, Filipinos really know how to throw a feast. These food are usually served in parties during Christmas or any occasion that involves having a big group around. When it comes to food, Filipinos are the best people to ask. They do not only love food but have the passion of creating different versions of each kind.

curated by Sam Cabrera

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