We love making origami and we also love to teach children how to make origami. So we curated the best origami instructional for children to better understand how this magnificent work of art works. Share this to your kids.

 1. Easy Origami Flower for Kids
2. How to Make a Paper Boat Origami 
3. Make a paper Frog 

4. How to make a paper heart
5. How to make a paper Fish
6. How to make an Origami Rose
7. How to make an Easy Origami Dinosaur
8. How to Make a paper Swan 
9. How to Make a paper Penguin
10. How to make a Cute Origami Dog

We hope this instructional is useful to you.

We are actually expanding this list so if you have more curations, please feel free to contact us.

Curated by Samantha Cabrera

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