By Glorypearl Dy

Switotwins was invited in the Homemazing event of Good Housekeeping Magazine and 3M. Aha! 3M surely ring a bell there especially for you mums and dads, right? Yep, they are the brand behind every practical thing you use in the house from command tapes to cleaning materials.

My twin was doing something else so I went to SM Lanang alone. Gladly, there were other Davao bloggers there, too, so it was still a lot of fun. In the event, my creativity went into hyper mode again. I can't wait to prettify my home! You ever felt like doing some crafts and cleaning your space after visiting pinterest? It was like that during the homemazing workshop.  Also, my nerd alert button  flew to extremes especially with the electrostatic energy experiment.

But what really got my attention there was the presentation and video the organizers showed. I think it was very important how great the organizers were in terms of presenting the products physically and digitally. The exhibit was clean and very inspiring. Again, reminds me of Pinterest.

The videos made me understand the mechanism of 3M technology well. Here's one of the videos shown that really helped me explain how command tapes work. (It is only similar to the video presented there. Sorry, I did not have a chance to get the link of the exact video from the organizers. I hope they can help me update this post later on.) Neat instructional right?

I felt this video was too late, though, because earlier this week, I had already knocked some nails on my wall to install some frames. Argg! Gladly, I'll have some command tapes to use for the other fifty frames I ought to install. Imagine if I had to use nails for all of them. My apartment would eventually look like it had been overly infested by termites! So thanks to 3M, I won't be using any hammers. 


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