Do you blame your cluttered desktop for that writer's, blogger's or designer's block?

Well, a little cleaning can do a lot to help you organize your mind and finally write something worth it. But that's not all! Sprucing up your wall to make it interesting can really put out those creative juices. If you can prettify your house with some eye catching pictures and frames or customize your Facebook wall to make people come to it, why not do the same to your desktop where you pass by most of your time like train station.

Will this wallpaper will suit your desktop and help express the writer in you? It's our special favorite because it appeals to our color choice. Click the picture to download the full copy.

You can also get this one if you are interested with something light and inspiring.

Or you can can also get this encouraging design.

Or something to make you want to create vectors for your presentation.

Want to be a curator?

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