A short story is a story that has a fully developed theme but is shorter and not as elaborate as a novel. It is brief yet concise. A short story focuses on a self-contained incident that evokes one single mood. However, a short story does not have a exact set length. There is no official number of words for a story to be considered a short one or a novel.
                In order to make a short story, there are five important elements. These elements make a story remarkable to its readers.
1.       Character - a person, an animal or anything that takes part in the action of a story and other literary works. A tree that talks can also be considered as a character of a story.
2.       Setting - it is where and when a story happens. Most authors describe landscapes, buildings, scenery, seasons or weather to be more precise on telling where and when the story is happening.
3.       Plot - it is the series of events and where the character's actions relate to the conflict.
4.       Conflict - it is the struggle between two people or things in a short story. The main character is usually one sided when the central of conflict is talked about. He or she is also the antagonist at most times.
5.       Theme - it is the central idea of the story. It is what the story aims to teach or what the author believes in.

                A story will not be considered as a story if it does not have the elements mentioned above. These are essential in making one. If a writer does not understand what these are, he or she is not writing a story but simply just a group of paragraphs. In order to write a short story, or any literary work, these elements should be present. 

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