by Samantha Cabrera

Five ways to create cool infographics from Switotwins Inc
           During the early years of the internet, words were given more importance than photos or any kind of graphics. People endured reading pages and pages of words. Recently, more blogs and websites have captured the audience by using photos or videos.

            Design Infographics, images and videos are important as people today are more visual. They don't like waiting for the end for the climax or what the story is about. They want to see if it interests them in a snap of a finger.

            Infographics are sharable graphs with information. They can easily be made or someone can do it for the website. It can easily be done with a little research and of course, a little experience with design. To make it an effective one, the creator should know what the target audience needs help with. If the audience is high school students studying about American history, instead of writing a never-ending post about how Abraham Lincoln became president, why not make a cool infographic with some facts and stats. Once it's good enough, it can be submitted to some infographic directories (yes, there are such things). This helps improve the traffic to any website.

            Here is a step by step guide on how to make an infographic that can help not just other people, but also the popularity of any website.

1.      Choose a Topic - When finding something to talk about, make sure someone else is interested in it. Having a specific target audience, like Doctor Who fans, is great as they are the ones who really research facts and other things about the show. No matter how beautifully made they are, if they are irrelevant, they will be given little attention.

2.      Collecting Material - Find resources that are reliable to dig for information. Make sure you can validate the information. You will get in trouble if you give out false ones.

3.      Story Structure - Create a story that makes your date compelling to the audience. Get them hooked to your website. Make it creative but still real. No one wants to read a fairytale when they are trying to know what happened during the World War II. Clearly, that was not a story for a children's storybook.

4.      Design is key - Find a design that fits the topic. You cannot put flowers and rainbows if you are talking about the life of an important person in history or a murder case.

5.      SEO- friendly - The key to be on top of every search result is to have every keyword down. Make sure that your infographic has everything your audience types down on the search bar so it comes up first.

            These are five easy ways on how to create cool design infographics without sacrificing substance for design. Make sure they are relevant yet still pleasing to the eyes. No one wants to look at a picture that says nothing or having to spend time analyzing when they want a quick run through of everything they want to know.


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  1. Cool stuff. I just read this Sam. Great article pala.

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