By Mary Grace Galenzoga

Info graphics have long been part of man’s culture, we know this because our earliest knowledge about the ancient man were provided to us through ancient info graphics like cave paintings and hieroglyphics.

Info graphics are a visual representation of information, knowledge or history presented in such a way that it can be easily understood. In the ancient times the info graphics was our ancestor’s way of preserving their culture, history and teachings for generations to come. 

Though when these ancient info graphics were discovered, there was no one who could understand them immediately. Analysts and experts had to decry-pt the symbols and the ancient text to be able to formulate what the graphic designs mean to be.

In present time, info graphics can be a great tool to teach language to children of all ages. Info graphic presentations are also considered useful tools in office and school meetings. There are many kinds of info graphic out there, and they have a variety of uses and functions. You just need to know when to use info graphics, and what type you will need. Here are a few types of info graphics that you can use in the office or your classes.

No. 1 Visualized Article
This type of info graphic makes a long written article and presents it in a visual way. What it basically does is make long article short and easier to understand, and thus able to reach more people. 

No. 2 Flow Chart
A flow chart info graphic interacts with its readers by asking the reader questions, and depending on his response the flow of the information will differ. These types of info graphics are usually simple, light-hearted and humorous.

No. 3 Timeline   
If the content you want to present has a lot of data and you think the best way to relay them is thru chronological order, then the best info graphic you can use is the Timeline. They can take the reader in a journey while also educating them.

No. 4 Useful Bait
This info graphic is a great way of explaining something or answering a question by visually showing it to the reader. These info graphics are great for usability and not very visually stimulating. They are basic like instruction manuals.

These are just some of the types of info graphics you can use. If you’re the type who likes to tell stories visually you might want to check, you can contribute your stories there and they can make it into an info graphic presentation. You can also watch some of the videos that they made online. They are joint productions from different people, with different professions and ideals. But they all have come together to contribute their children stories and knowledge. 

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