by Samantha Cabrera
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Raising a child can be the greatest a accomplishment a parent can have. There is nothing like seeing something so beautiful grow in front of your eyes. Yes, they do grow fast but in a parent's heart, they will always be the little babies who cried in the sight of mommy or daddy leaving. Some parents only have time for their kids during evenings and the best way to spend that is by reading them a book.

There are a lot of benefits for both the parent and the child when they read a book together. As they grow older, they will become more distant to their parent as children would prefer to go outside and play games with their friends. Snuggling up with a book in hand will remind them of their childhood fondly. It becomes a nurturing activity for both mommy or daddy and the child.

Reading to children will also greatly improve their academic performance in school. It is said that children who are read to at night even before going to school do better than those who were not. They form better words and sentences that will greatly help them in other facets of education like math and science as they can explain and understand the concepts better.

It is said that baby talk is a big no-no. It delays the speech development of a child. Reading a book to your child will help them have better enunciate the words you have just said. Their brains are like sponges and they will repeat everything you say. This will greatly help in teaching the child to communicate as well. They witness how the characters interact with one another hence they gain communicating skills as well.

Reading a book before bedtime might sound a bit of a cliché but it will build a bond between you and your child. It will also help them have a solid foundation for great academic skills.

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