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Before talking about the importance of digital storytelling, let us first define what it is. Digital storytelling is a process of storytelling with the use of multi-media components. And in the past few years that digital storytelling has been introduced to different people and organizations, it is observed that it has helped a lot of different people to communicate with others.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. It is important that digital storytelling gets adapted in the classroom setting. Because, we all know that different children has different learning mechanisms. Some may be good listeners and understand lectures easily just by listening, while others find it easier to absorb lectures with the help of different multi-media elements. Digital storytelling in a classroom setting is important because it allows them to be more attentive and it’s not just fun for them, they also get to learn a lot of things while enjoying the lectures. Digital storytelling is a great example of showing students that learning isn’t that tough and boring after all.

Digital Storytelling on the Internet. Because digital storytelling is just a combination of narratives with multi-media elements, it is easy to give information and spread it around the internet. Just because you’re not in school, doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything, right? Even if you’re not in school, you can still learn a whole bunch of things online. How-to-videos are great examples of digital storytelling; and with the help of the internet, anyone with access to it can now enjoy the perks of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling for Kids and the Kids-At-Heart. When you hear storytelling, you usually associate it with little kids. Well, it’s different with this kind of storytelling. Kids are not the only target audience of digital storytelling. Basically, anyone can enjoy digital storytelling.  As long as you’re open to new things, then you’re open to getting to learn more about the things you know, and even discover new things around you, no matter how old or young you are.

Basically, just like everything in the world, storytelling is evolving as well. We tell stories to share our knowledge, to teach others what we know, share our values and beliefs and to just give information to other people. With the introduction of digital storytelling, we now have a new way of sharing our ideas, and at the same time, we also explore our creativity by doing so.

Digital storytelling is important simply because it makes it easier for people to understand certain things because it uses a dynamic way of storytelling. With the combination of words, images, sounds, and any other multi-media element, it allows the audience to receive the information and absorb all of them. Also, it allows both the storyteller and the audience to explore their imagination. Being witness to a brilliant digital storytelling can inspire others to create their own digital story and share them with different people. And by exposing yourself to digital stories, not only do you get inspired by other people’s work; you also get to be more media literate.

Digital storytelling is just a new way of telling stories with multi-media elements. 

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