by Gloryrose Dy
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first published June 19, 2011

How to achieve the perfect environment to get your online job  task right. 
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When you are working home base you are usually doing various things. Writing, making presentations, developing animations, doing some videos, doing autocad, etc are just some of them. And all these work require you to be more than the multi tasker that you are. Knowing more than you are expected to and thinking beyond your field of study is usually expected from you.

When your thinking a lot, you have to have the right productive atmosphere as having none of it might compromise the output of your work. That is why you have to have these five things to make you comfortable in your home/ workplace.

1. The Right Amount of Room Temperature

It is always best to work on a right room temperature. Most people would prefer 19-21 degrees celsius. Some would say 21 to 24 celsius. Surprisingly, the most desirable working room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. It will allow you to be comfortable enough, but not too much as to make you sleepy.

2. An Inspiring Aesthetics 

Having amazing images would drive the creativity from you. Pulling all the exciting things outside your home and installing them in your walls will emulate the feeling you have outdoors. So, do decorate your room well. Take advantage of your flexi time and indulge the photographer in you by taking some pictures outside. Buy a cool frame and decorate your blank wall with your cool photos.

3. A Complete and Large Television Set

The best benefit you get from working home is that you are automatically fed with all the update about the latest happenings in the world. You know who wins the NBA series, the release of the political prisoners in Burma and the latest Filipino on Glee. You're so lucky. But that is, of course, if you have a television that works with the a great LCD and correct white balance, if you know what I mean.

Therefore, invest in a good television set. Buy a big one, if you can!

4. A Good Aroma

You can buy incense or make coffee once in a while so that you're room would smell like your favorite cafe. Having that would detoxify your mind from any troubles and will mold a deep sense of concentration from you.

5. Wire Orgnizer "Twisty" and a Mop
When you're going to be inside your room for the entire day, your going to be neurotic and start cleaning and organizing things. Obviously, this works two ways for you. You house gets clean and you also develop a great sense of organizing skills. And this will reflect on how much you value your work and how fast you get your online job done.

So, those are the most important things that you must have inside your home while you are working on your online job. Rest assured, you'll get your writing, presentations and animations task right if you have all these.

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