When I apply for a multimedia specialist job, the first thing that an employer would ask me is if I have a portfolio. And so, I would bring a clear book with all of my pictures, graphics and articles in it for them to take a look. Then they would ask me if they could keep the files for a while, for review. Quite useful.

But what if you applied for more than one employer. That would mean printing the same files all over again. It is both expensive and time consuming.

So I thought of a way to present my work without the hassle of printing. Knowing that 90% of multimedia companies have internet connection, I've decided to go PAPERLESS.

I made a blogsite and a website that would showcase all of my work. I linked those sites in my online application letter.

When I go for interviews, I also bring a mini laptop where I can present my work to my employer before I give them the link to my sites. That way, I can both present my genius skills in multimedia and also share my resourcefulness.

Below is a sample portfolio where I've linked all of my websites. Just click the tabs.

I know you can make something better. So go ahead, go paperless and make an online portfolio!

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