Before all the other advertising sites became a top hit in the Philippines, Blogvertise already had it coming.

A lot of bloggers got had an account for Blogvertise and they earned more than 10K from as a blogger or affiliate. Some actually survived college expenses because of this online job. Quite literally!

But there is a catch. Blogvertise is really strict when it comes to approving post. And they do not hesitate to suspend your blog whenever you are not doing the task right. Strictly, no pornographic or any racial materials are allowed here.

There are presentation techniques that you have to consider whenever writing for blogvertise. I can give around three most important ones, for your guidance.

1. Your Entry Must Be Well Thought Of

Advertisers treasure their product and they would want you to do the same. Looking at a badly written page would not make them happy at all. In fact, they would disapprove that eagerly. It really pays for you to make sure that you provide interesting content, edited syntax and corrected spelling and do the necessary strategies to vamp up the post.

2. Your Post Must Have At least 3 Anchor Links

Most advertisers require you to put at least 3 links in your post. That's the whole idea of advertising them. You can write a complaint about their sites but you can't limit your links to less than 3. Blogvertise has the sole discretion to suspend you if you do not follow these rules.

Aside from that, you must make sure that your link works. Even if you have the best well-written post in the whole internet universe, if the link does not work, then it obviously would not be any good.

3. Your Post Must Be Original

Your blog was approved for a reason and one of that was because it was interesting. You do not want to change that great reputation by exhibiting plagiarism in a simple blog post. When you copy and paste from other sites, you are not only at risk of getting suspended in blogvertise, you may even be penalized by Google.

That's just about it. Go ahead and earn money through Blogvertise.

If you find other sites that would do the same, feel free to share it to us so that we can talk about it here.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  2. tim says:

    Nice to know this. I actually do adsense and blog reviews. Blogsvertise is one of my employer. they pay nice, I just screwed up last time, they suspend my status, but now i'm approved. Just waiting for entry to come, crossing fingers1

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