For us Catholics, going to Mass every Sunday is a must do. We celebrate mass to fulfill our Christian obligation as well as to Thank God, ask for repentance for our sins and ask for things that we need.

Aside from doing these things, we also love to hear the Priest's Homily as well as to hear the choir sing our most favorite Christian songs. We also love to sing with the choir with these songs which is why we love to see the lyrics of the songs shown via projector especially if they use modern technology such as the presentation softwares.

No offense to Old school Manila paper or black and white projector used five to ten years ago, but there is just something special with the effects that Presentation softwares such as PowerPoint or that really adds to the solemnity of the songs.

Personally, I think it is because we can show colorful things to the public and use animations. Here are some tips you might want to use for your own parish song lyrics presentation.

1. Pleasing the Eye Pleases the Heart and Shapes your Faith.
Actually the major thing about making presentation is pleasing the eye of the people watching it. This applies to any other presentation you might want to do in the future.

2. Font Size and Type
Like making a Thesis presentation. Use 28pt for the  Headings and 22pt for the body of the presentation and use only One kind of Font. I suggest you use Arial.

3. Slide Transition
This is very useful aesthetically for the Presentations such as this . Use slide transitions if you change pages. Use any kind of Slide transition Animation Except for the Dissolve as it is very displeasing to the Eye.

4. Add Images
Add images to specific parts of the song. It adds to the solidity of the song. However, never put a very huge image. Use 1/4 of the slide for this.

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