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We just can't get enough of Manny Pacquiao fights right? Especially since it's almost May in time for the Pacquiao and Mosley fight. But do we really know Manny Pacquiao's fights by heart? Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you are watching the fight and you could not answer one person question : "What fight was that when Manny Pacquiao won his Featherweight title?"

That would definitely reveal how shallow you are as a fan!

I myself am not a genius on Manny Pacquiao's jump to victory and like you I also make a qyuick search for it through Wikipedia. But I that takes time and a lot of reading. So what I did was make a PowerPoint presentation on History of his fights and his rise to become the boxer winning 8 World titles.

Here is my presentation for your references if anyone ask about Pacquiao fights.

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