I was watching PBA a while ago when I saw all the Mascots of Talk and Text team. One Mascot was a girl and the other was a boy. I suddenly remembered about Susy and Geno when I was still in elementary.If you are a person my age, you can definitely relate to the Susy and Geno craze.

When my twin and I were young, we always looked forward to the day Susy and Geno would come to visit the school, do their presentation and mingle with the kids. We even thought they really existed not merely as mascots with exaggeratively large heads.

One day, we overheard the "Adults" talk about the "Person inside the Mascot". My mom said that the person inside Susy was a man. Well, as a kid,  I thought it was crazy for a man to be doing a girl mascot.

But the man inside the mascot had to pee, immediately, he could not hold it, he had to hide in the bushes behind the gym. Curious twins, as my twin and I were, we saw how he so carefully managed to release excess without even sitting down. Thankfully, he was facing back, otherwise, that would have been a utterly traumatic sight for us.

Anyway, despite knowing that the person behind the mascot was a man, we managed to suspend disbelief and continued looking up to the famous twin characters who, as our teachers say, exemplifies good health.

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  1. Happy fourth monthsary to your blog Ms. Gloryrose. :-) I can also relate to your childhood experience so much! I actually like them better than the Jollibee mascots. :-)

  2. HI Katrina Castro, thanks for greeting. Yes, Susy and Geno, we are fans in deed. This is our blog Gloryrose and Glorypearl Dy, twin owners, and we are so happy to have you as a reader. take care!

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