Suggestions on Pacquiao-Mosley Lupang Hinirang singers and a recap on interesting National Anthems sang on Manny Pacquiao fights.

This morning, my dad made a great suggestion while watching TV. He suggested that a chorus composed of three men should sing on Manny Pacquiao's fight with Mosley this May. Amazing suggestion right? He also added that the chorus should sing the Lupang Hinirang as a marching song as opposed to how balladeers sing it like Martin Nievera, Sarah Geronimo, Christian Bautista, who all failed to sing the National Anthem right.

I was thinking, if we have three men doing a chorus on the National Anthem, how would they sound and look like. I made three options (if your the producer, hope you get to read these suggestions).

1. The Typical Marching band
They would look like typical marching bandmates with the same uniform. They would stand straight and snappy and sing the song in a marching song way.

2. The Classic Trio Singers (who are often mistaken as chefs)
Often mistaken as chefs, these singers are the best in belting. Not so sure with the up beat marching song thing as my father and the NHI standards suggested. But I think they will do good on the depth part. The up beat can be learned so we have no problem with that and these kids are really trained on singing different beats.

3. Boy Band Trio (Dance beat version with all the hand movements)
Personally, except for the dance moves and the costume, I think they would be perfect, Imagine three "Rain"/s doing the National Anthem (although Rain is not Filipino, this is for mere example only).We could see all the hand movements as they sing it. It would be the National Anthem type (the one we experience on events such as this) when we wouldn't know if we would applause after the Anthem performance or not.

They would wear formal wear of course.

Now that we are done making suggestions, let us now recall our National Anthem singers who have become very controversial on the field of singing for the Manny Pacquiao fight. These are the list of Pacquio Fights with its corresponding "Lupang Hinirang" singers. For purposes of our mere criticism, I'll be showing the Youtube video of the most controversial only rendition only based on Youtube comments (Note: Videos owed and made by user indicated on the youtube video). For those not shown, let's applaud them for their good quality of singing.

"Toddler" Proffessional boxing days of Pacman which shall not be included in our discussion.
1. Pacquioo vs Four challengers (Flyweight Division)
2. Pacquiao vs Twelve other challengers (Super Bantamweight Division)  
3. Pacquiao vs Barera and 4 Challengers including Morales (Featherweight Division)

Fights after the Famous loss from Morales. Our criticism starts here.
1. Pacquiao vs Héctor Velázquez Super Featherweight International Title.
2. Pacquiao vs Érik Morales Super Featherweight International Title.
3. Pacquiao vs Óscar Larios Super Featherweight International Title.
4. Pacquiao vs Érik Morales Super Featherweight International Title sang by Sarah Geronimo
We got to hand it to Sarah, she is quite a singer. When I saw her singing, I had goosebumps. I felt the song alright! But it came out really really really slow. In fact, it was very very slow, a cat could die killing itself nine times.

5. Pacquiao vs Jorge Solís Super Featherweight International Title
6. Pacquiao vs Marco Antonio Barrera Super Featherweight International Title sang by Kyla
7. Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Márquez Super Featherweight International Title.
8. Pacquiao vs David Díaz Lightweight World Title
9. Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya A non-title fight, fought at Welterweight
10. Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Light Welterweight World Titles sang by Martin Nievera
Why do people hate him sing? Don't you like how he adds expression to every single letter of the songs lyrics including the punctuations? This controversial Anthem singer was also criticized for singing the anthem wrongly. I wonder why? It's funny how he made the song dramatic thou at the first by singing "Buhayeee..." and when he sang "Mohohoo" with a curve.

11. Pacquiao vs Miguel Ángel Cotto  Welterweight World Title and WBC Diamond B sang by La Diva
12. Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey Retained WBO Welterweight World Title sang by Arnel Pineda
Worst ever for me. Honestly, I really love Arnel Pineda. He's the sign that I am a hipster. But with this rendition, I could kill a cow so I wouldn't have to see him make a fool about himself especially with the last line "Sayooooo!!!"

13. Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito WBC Super Welterweight World Title sang by Zyrene Parsad
Who is this Zyrene?

But let's not forget the famous Blooper of them all. Although he did not sang at Pacman's fight, we have to hand it to him for giving us the "Most laughed at Lupang Hinrang rendition of all the time in a boxing match".
He is no other than Christian Bautista!

With all the Anthem controversy, maybe my dad is right about the chorus marching band thing.

What do you think? Do you have more comments on the singers? Or can you suggest any other singer types for the anthem? If you got any other better suggestions, I would be happy to read them on the comments area.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. I don't have any idea on who to pick to sing the Philippine National Anthem on Pacquiao's upcoming fight. Whoever he/she will be, that singer should be aware of the comments the previous singers and make sure they sing it right.

    BTW, I have an award for you over at my blog. :)

  2. thanks for reading. hope Manny wins regardless of the singer of the Phil. National Anthem. See yah

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