Saying Thank you to all the presents you have receive during the Holidays.

I remember a homily given by a priest one Sunday about saying Thank you for all the blessings. He gave a sample story about a person who just died. This person met the angels and upon visiting each task of the angels, this person found out that there was lesser task for the Thank you angel because lesser people said "Thank you to God."

Because of this, I made this article for all of us who want to say "Thank you" to all the people who gave you presents, love, time and most of all, time Online to send you greetings on your Facebook, twitter and even email.

There are actually two simple ways to say Thank you online. These are through emails and social networking sites. All we need is an Adobe Photoshop or Paint to make cool Thank you graphics or PowerPoint or flash to make simple animations. This post will show the simplest and easiest animations and how to in making a Thank you online card.

The first online card I made was done using PowerPoint.
Watch this.

I made this by drawing angels on the bottom and upper portion of the word "Thank you so much" and then using the EMPHASIS FLASH Bulb animation on these drawings. Take note that I customize the animation in a such a way that the angels keep on flashing. I did this by changing the timing of the animation to "Until next slide". Then I made three copies of this slide, and then put different words and images on every slide.

To send this via email, attached the file and send it to our friends and families with a cover letter. It is easier to show a movie file on Facebook though, just upload on our page and tag our friends.

The second online card I made was done using Flash. I made a very simple animated gif. You can also find some "Thank you" animated gifs on this website called GIFS if you want more cool options. All you have to do is right click, save image and then you will have your gif on your local disk.

saying thank you online

saying thank you online
To send this via email, you have to follow this simple steps. First make sure your email is on the rich text format. If it is, drag the image from your local folder to the location on your composed message. You may read the step by step guide here, "Insert Gifs to your mail message".

I hope you learned something here. I also hope you will be able to send thank you greetings to your love ones after the Season.If you have comments, feel free to write something.

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