I have been using PowerPoint and Openoffice.org Impress for 8 years now. Of course, I used Powerpoint first since this software is approx. 20 years old now and way way older that Impress. On the other hand, Open office Impress is quite new. 

I started using it when I was in college when the age of Open source started and our computer lab did have PowerPoint. I am also forcefully currently using Open office Impress at work. Although, sometimes, PowerPoint files are required so I have to convert the .ODP file to .PPT. This is not that difficult of course if you have both softwares on your computer. However, if you do not have both softwares, you will have a hard time converting the presentations correctly without it looking ransacked. 

Because of my fondness for both softwares, I have prepared a simple review on their disadvantages and advantages. What can PowerPoint do that OpenOffice.org Impress can't and vice versa? Some people might find this so geeky or even know this better than me. If you are the person, feel free to comment. For those who do not know this yet, let us start our review.

Well here are the basic areas of their differences. I think the first really advantage of OpenOffice Impress is the fact that is it Free! You can download Impress online. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is not free so you will have to buy it. 

I have also noticed that OpenOffice can import PowerPoint files and also save as current format. You cannot do this in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a selfish software so you cannot also export file to FLASH as well as GIF. On the other hand, Impress can export to FLASH and GIF.

One thing is for sure though, you can never convert both software files to movie files for free. I have attempted this a million times already. Read  "PowerPoint to Video File".

Going back to this review, even if OpenOffice Impress seem to have a lot of advantages, I also realize the beauty of PowerPoint especially when I started making my custom animations already.  My favorite custom animations as you can see on my post "Basic Happy New Year Animation Greeting using Powerpoint" , "Merry Christmas Greeting , Honey!", and "Basic Merry Christmas Greeting using Powerpoint" is the Motion Path and Fade in custom animation. 

The first real advatage of PowerPoint is that you can actually edit the effects (timing, start, etc) of two or more animations all at the same time while this is not possible on OpenOffice Impress except for the Start effect. 
PowerPoint Custom Animation Effects
I also realize that when I converted my .PPT file to .ODP some of the animations I did on the PowerPoint software did not show. So I am guessing that PowerPoint has more custom animations than Openoffice.org Impress.

So I decided, when making custom animations for presentations, the lesser task, the better!
I hope you find this useful in choosing either softwares when you make your presentations. If you have more information to give, the comment box is always ready.

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  1. I agree about the open source thingy going on lately... with ubuntu, open office, linux, symbian, android, blah blah... but again 'for sale' software also has its own advantages. i guess it's all about preference... ;-)

  2. yeah. I also agree that it's all about preference. the workspace is very important too right? sometimes. even if the software has really cool features, you just get lost with the workspace.

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