Is it just me or more people are dying this days?

When someone dies, I see this very long straight line. I also hear the sound of the electro cardio gram. In words, it's like this

I also see a top motion effect on things. Like everything is moving in slow motion.
Photo from Slow Motion 

No! Not this image definitely.

Most of the images of death are really scary. Blood, monsters and even connected to religious practices. Maybe that's the reason why almost everyone I know is afraid to die. 
Cartoon crying

Last year, I knew a lot of people who died. One of them is my grandmother and two of my hometown acquaintances and one of my boyfriend's cousin. This does not include people I know by name and relatives of people I know by name. Just this January, one of my twin and I's friend's bestfriend (Roselle's friend August) died and my brother's wife's mother died also. 

With that count of people dying, I had a silly vision of Noah's ark.  
Noah's Ark

Thanks to my Private sectarian background, I initially thought it was the end of the world (if you read the Revelation you would be psyched as well).

So I did some reading and found out if this is indeed something to be worried about. Here is a did you know geek information. 

According to the CIA Factbook , as of July2010, the Philippines has a 5.06 / 1000 population Mortality rate. This rate is even smaller compare to the 5.1 rate of 2009. 

My hypothesis is wrong after all. or shall I say  "We're saved! We're saved!".
Maybe the right paranoia was the increase of the Philippines population. That's another geek information to research on.


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  1. Cat says:

    Yes. I think we should worry more of the major, major number of people getting born than the number of people dying in the country.

  2. yes, you are right, when I was researching on Philippine mortality rate, I was shocked on the rate of population growth. 1.931% growth and that's a percentage we're talking about.

  3. Neil says:

    I agree with the first two commenters(ors).. Decline in mortality rate and increase in birth rate.. now that's a lot of new humanity..

  4. but of course people care about the death rate more because they have already met and nurtured memories with the people who died compared to those who are yet to be born.

  5. Faust says:

    death is a natural thing, that were life begins

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