I am writing this post because I want to share to everyone how I managed to show all my Powepoint presentations on this blog including the animations like "Basic Happy New Year Animation Greeting using Powerpoint" , "Merry Christmas Greeting , Honey!", and "Basic Merry Christmas Greeting using Powerpoint"

This happened when I was figuring out how to upload the presentations that I made to this blog. I thought that in the passed I have already manage to convert PowerPoint to a video file. But infact, I haven't. Freaking out, I did what we usual do when we need something these days, search for a "How to" on this particular subject on the internet. When that attempt was unsuccessful, I finally searched using the keyword converter for .ppt files to .avi or .wmv files.

I found series of sites showcasing Free .PPT to .AVI or .WMV converters.  I installed it on my computer and tried them one by one.

The first attempt was not successful at all! The Presentation converted to video was really slow and choppy. When I did the second attempt, the logo of the Free converted popped out first. I almost lost hope! And to tell everyone the truth, I searched for this particular item for 3 days in a row.

Drained and hopeless with a droopy eye bags, I concluded that ppt to video converters are not for Free and if they are free, they make it a point that they have a signature of their company on your converted video. 

So How did I manage to post my PowerPoint online? Yes, I converted it to video without using the video converter. I simply downloaded a Screen Capture Software and then recorded my presentation manually. I cleaned it up using Windows Movie Maker (we all have this if we are using windows) and then saved it to youtube.com (the site where almost all videos can be uploaded).

Watch this first ever successful attempt to share my PowerPoint presentation on my blog here 

Hope you learned something. I bet have more ideas than me so if you want to comment, feel free to do so. I might be able to learn from you as well.

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