It was a pretty interesting year but it wasn't enough to materialize all of our great ideas. Of all the crazy and out of this world but amazing things my twin and I have thought of doing, we were only able to make a few things happen. The highlights were developing a joint blog managed by the two of us and generating the "Stinko" term that would hopefully turn into something like the usual street slangs or gay lingos.

We do agree that stinko could probably not substitute for charing, for now. But there is hope in every colloquial term used for self expression. Who would have thought that "Salamat" would become a word for every unwarranted and unclear reply, right? Just as who would have thought that anyone in this world would ever get a job that would serve happiness. Job and happiness is an irrevocably impossible match if people look at it superficially just like the combination of stinko and the word sweet.

So why not look at jobs as something that gives us money to buy happiness. Now that's a "stinko" perspective.

This year, my twin and I persevered to look for a job that we liked and that would give us enough funds to make the world turn while we realize our own dreams. We applied online and the efficiency was consistent with the promise that internet offers. Job online is not scam. It works. Take it from us.

Of course these jobs would mean us living away from people we care about. Believe me, no one wants to be in that situation except for the hyper introverted or in denial losers. One reason why it is highly important to communicate with family is to avoid the ripple of anxiety. A news about bad health, for example, could make us go nuts especially if the details of the news are incomplete.

Even if we are away from our family, communicating via internet made it crucial for us. But there was a time when we decided to just quit the whole virtual communication because we got so stressed out with the multiplicity of task in one seating. Having internet literally multiplies gossip as it feeds every person's life on several different tabs in one browser. But we soon decided to have the internet connected back again because we realized that it was more stressful not having to communicate well with our family.

Aside from getting the real essence of a day job, my twin and I also realized our long time plan to go back to our hometown, Dumaguete City. I originally imagined a perfect scenario for that long awaited event. Exceptional beauty, eye turning figure and intimidating success was what I would imaginably carry when I step down the airport. I would meet up with the ex-boyfriend whom I dumped without proper judgment at fourteen and I would tell him how much I still wonder about us.

Of course, non of those daydreams happened as things like that never do. My twin and I simply revisited both or childhood glories and failures, dug up nostalgia with our family, and reunited with friends who evolved and friends who seemed to be comfortable with their geeky adolescence. That was not something we had hoped for, but it was definitely one of the best.

A wonderful summer vacation is something as reachable as making a stinko language, getting a new job and actually putting the rants and raves into a proper medium. So much for whiny tones in my previous blogs, I've decided to settle for making creative presentations where I could squeeze my complains in and translate it into something cool. Thanks to my twin's wonderful idea to make this blog, I increased my patience with cringy situations and diverted my attention to something similar to a Pollock Number 5.

To dissapoint anti-social and jaded human beings, there is hope in this world for every person who skipped trusting their patience as a kid only to have realized that they had become too comfortable with sin. There is hope in everyone even for those kids who quit brushing their teeth before sleeping. Who would have thought that someone as difficult as I was would consider taking care of my health. Now, that's one proof of hope.

And for those who think they have reached the limit of their creative ideas, they might be lying. There are hundreds of beautiful imaginations in one second. Multiplied for 365 days, it would sum up to a thousand. Even if we are not with creative people nor with elitist, we can still gather those interesting views. To our advantage, of course, because there will be less hands willing to catch them.

Now we have opened our palms to expect great things to land. Two hands are better than one, so we think there is a better chance of catching. For all those craziness, my twin and I should probably get a Nokia C7 which will maintain, contain and sparkle our magnificent ideas. It's a great use for us! We deserve a Nokia C7! Throw it to us, we will dive for it.

If we were able to do those things without the convenience of a high tech technology, we would certainly double the awesomeness,if we have.

For one, I could probably blog and update my social networks about my latest post especially if wifi is available. It's about time I fill in my cravings-in anytime anywhere.

We are hungry twins and when we want something, we go grab it together. We're inseparable!

Since I love to go resto hopping, my twin will be able to easily disapparate from Mall of Asia to where I am especially with the quick reference she would get with her GPS navigation and Ovi Maps.

But I personally think that the Nokia C7 could help my twin avoid getting late as she has been for the past weeks. The late issue is a big secret but I can't avoid exposing it now since my dad, who thinks that my twin wakes up early, does not read blogs, anyway.

Wait 'till my dad gets his own Nokia c7. I can't help but gloriously anticipate my twin's reaction to that!

I do wish my twin and I would get a Nokia C7. As redundant as it may sound, I really hope we can take advantage of its wonderful features. We could find great restaurants down the Metro to feature in our blog soon.

Now there's a good idea. How about I do restaurant review blogging as a racket.

How to embed the animation to a gmail message: Simply export the animation as an animation gif through adobe premiere of macromedia flash. Then, go to gmail, compose a new message, insert the animated gif photo like this:

Easy Right? You can make Christmas Greetinga and embed them in your gmail. Go ahead and try!

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  1. from this entry, i finally found my new line: "when i rant, i make a pollock number 5." lols!
    Great job wonder twins!

  2. hehhehe thanks that's a stinko! hehe

  3. ey, you got your c7 already?? haha... what i also like about the phone is that it has an FM transmitter... you can easily play music in your phone with your car stereo. ;-)

    with symbian^3 OS we can also expect many major improvements over the next 6 months...

  4. you sound as if you have the phone in your hands already. darn, now im jealous. :-)

  5. Thanks Jeffrey! Welcome to our Blog.

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