The Fun Club Citi Hall

Dress up you board contest (the winners are to be announced)

The Citi Hall

The Top Performers. Congratulations!
The Fun Club members

A little about the after party
It does not take a complicated tool to make a collage as magnificent as the above. Picassa promises a quick way to design which does not entail meticulously arranging layers . We can download Picassa and learn the simple ways to use the features here.

Aside from simply presenting the photographs statically, we can develop them into a cool slideshow using Wondershare. To make the whole presentation amazing, we can use our favorite hip music in the background. For the slideshow below, I chose "Fireworks" by Beat! Beat! Beat!

That was cool, right? For the events to come, we will be ready to make wonderful slideshows. For now, below is the teaser of the things to expect.


Want to be a curator?

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