Greet your networks (friends, workmates, boss, family) using your email by sending e-greetings. I love e-greetings mainly because they are more fun than the usual paper hello's and because I can really be more creative with.

So I made this presentation you can use as an example for your e-greetings. It's our very own Swito character (see below) bouncing around the snow animated gif background (which you can download at Snow Animated Gifs).
The Motion Path of Swito Bouncing looks like this.

I used the MOTION PATH FREE FORM (see above) animation to make Swito bounce. Then, I inserted the "Merry Christmas" greeting with some animations in it. To top it all up, I inserted baby Switos to give a family feel. I was able to make the presentation in 30 minutes so I'm sure it will be that quick when you do this yourself. Send this presentation via email with cover letter. It's not going to be a large file anyway. 

You can also use this technique to invite people to a Christmas party as well. 

If you found this useful please comment. Please also give us insights on how you give out your e-greetings and invite friends to your party via internet.

You can also embed animations (gif files) via gmail message. Simply export the animation as an animation gif through adobe premiere of macromedia flash. Then, go to gmail, compose a new message, insert the animated gif photo. Read more to know how to make gif files to embed on your email..

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