I never believed in Clairvoyance. My twin does but not me. But I must admit that when I was young I often dream of events and they happen the next day. One example was the time I dreamed that my sister was pregnant. A week after, she finally told our parents that she was carrying their first grand daughter. Same thing happened when my yaya's neice got married. I dreamed of it the month before she told my yaya. But I thought it was merely a coincidence.

I did not dream of anything related to the year 2010. Not at all. Not even anything following this year. So I concluded my disbelief for Clairvoyance.

Assuming the same point of view, I almost concluded that my nephew would not talk at all. When he was running 9 years old, he had a hard time making simple sentences with an appropriate subject and a verb. I thought that he did not comprehend the things that adult people say.

But the most unexpected event happened on the first month of 2010. My nephew finally said, “Thank you aunty" in the sincerest tone after he received a gift from my twin sister.

"Thank you aunty" was a very promising sentence that seemed like a hundred words of a novel for all of us. But his talking was not a sign that Clairvoyance was really true. It was a sign that miracles can happen.

So still I did not believe in paranormal occurrences.

At least not until the sixth month of 2010. One day, after taking a bath, my twin sister suddenly said "Our Grandmother is going to die". I asked "How can you say that?" and she said "I can just feel it".

"I can just feel it" was a very impossible line from someone who did not seem to have the talent for premonition. My twin could probably heal the sick but not see through the future, I thought.

So I didn't give the idea much thought not after September when our aunt texted us that Nanay was very sick. She had cancer. Our relatives left behind some details regarding the gravity of her illness but my twin seem to have an intuition of it all. In mid October, my twin said that our Nanay would not last until early November. This made us silent for a while.

It was still hard to believe what my twin was feeling. It was not normal to hear guesses about death especially to someone as special as our grandmother.

But then on November 9, Nanay died.

I don’t know if it was the fact that my twin was going Clairvoyant that made my grandmother’s death the most significant event in my life this 2010 or the fact that like my nephew’s talking, my grandmother’s death was very unexpected. But what was truly expected was the unity that my family showed even until her death. Nanay always bragged to other people that her children had unity and always helped each other. And that is very true.

Thank you to Batangyagit and Jezheel for reminding us to blog about the most significant event that happened in our lives this year.
Clairvoyance - used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses.

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  1. csseyah says:

    nararamdaman kong kayo ang panalo sa contest ni batang yagit :) God Bless You always po

  2. hehe..sana nga kami..do we see a premonition from you? hehe...

    kung manalo kami libre ka namin..hahah

  3. jehzlau says:

    thanks for joining! hehe

  4. jehzlau says:

    and oh.. ang cool ng mga GIF na ginawa mo.. super cool! hehe :D

  5. thanks jehz,..we (me and my twin) had fun doing this....as in!! saya saya! hihi

  6. jehzlau says:

    i just finished reading your entry... and I can say that what happened to you was really sad.. :(

    Pero let's look at the bright side... May kutob ka ba na may magpapadala sayo ng flowers before dumating ang flowers kahit late na? :P at may kutob ka din ba na late makaka rating. Kung meron, you are clairvoyant!!!! ^_^

  7. jehzlau says:

    @Gloryrose Dy - at online ka pa pala! yay! hehehe.. oo ang saya kahit malungkot yung ending ng kwento. :(

  8. @Jehz, oo it was really sad. we did not expect it talaga. but happy rin naman kasi we had a mini reunion and then everyone was happy to see each other after a very long time. happy kami kasi nasa heaven na si nanay. she was a very religious lady :-)

    on another note, hehe..hindi ko talaga an expect ung flowers kasi nga late..i guess hindi ako clairvoyant, ang twin ko lang..hahha, pero mas ok nga un kasi suprise everytime may flowers..haha

  9. jehzlau says:

    hahaha.. astig pala maging late palagi para unexpected.. wahehehe.. ^_^

    I think yung twin mo alam na may darating kang flowers.. wahehehe. :D

    galing nya makiramdam eh. :D

  10. Pearl says:

    jehz, alam ko na na mei flowers kasi na buksan ko na bago pa maka rating kay rose. lol

  11. Winston says:

    ang lungkot naman T__T.

    ako rin di ako naniniwala sa premonition. sa tingin ko may mga factors lang kung bakit naisip ng twin sister mo na mawawala na ang lola mo. hmmm.

  12. I dunno para kasing bigla nalang..premonition eh. hehe

  13. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha! sure tita oy? she dreamed about mom having me? lol. clairvoyant. :DDD

  14. yes I did. I also knew about Manung Atoy's daughter. :D

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