"I've never been mugged before, this sucks", my twin once jokingly said curious with the thrill. After a year, she finally experience it and realized that it did not feel good, of course.

So much for "don't wish for something crazy this Christmas, you might just get it." Gladly, she was just robbed and not really mugged which is a bit fortunate in ironic levels.

In a span of one week, I had six friends who were robbed this Christmas. Two of them were my twins sister's friends who were disgracefully robbed off their wallets with every single penny and important ID on it. My direct friends, on the other hand, were taken off their sentimental things and so they had to run after the mugger. If not for the terrifying highway, my friend would have jumped after the prevailing theft who easily glided on the busy street.

For me, being robbed is not only about spectacle, though. Sometimes, we could feel robbed when people tell a lie or compliment us too much from the usual just to get what they want.With that subject in mind, here's a full length Swito Toon animation I made for this website. It's the first so watch out for another episode soon.

Despite that, what matters is that we still carry the spirit of Christmas in us disregarding negative emotions and kicking robbers off the path.

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