Create an Audio-visual using Powerpoint for your New Year's Party with just (3) three custom animations. 

Click to watch!!

We do not need to be an expert in Powerpoint or in any animation software to surprise the your New Year's party with a visual display after the count down. The easiest way is to have a computer and a powerpoint software. We can make one amazing visual in less than 30 mins with just three basic custom animation.

What do we need?
1. Cartoons of People or Pictures
2. Internet

The Procedure:
1. Insert all items (clip-art, pictures, text) first.
What we need to do first is of course open the powerpoint, insert your pictures or cartoons, put the "Happy New year" text.

2. Find Animations Online
Then, we need to open our internet to search for Fireworks Animations. Save the free animation to your computer. (Just make sure it is not copyrighted to avoid plagiarism)

3. Insert the Fireworks animation to your PowerPoint at the top.

4. Here comes the (3)Three Animations
Click on the custom animation. Then click on the pictures. Put a Motion Path animation to the pictures.

Use the Line motion path to give an illusion that the people on the pictures are jumping. Configure the Timing of your animation to Repeat until slide ends. You can do this by right clicking your mouse on the animation and then choosing timing then repeat.

Do this for the rest of the pictures and the "Happy New year "text with your desired motion animation.

Please comment if you found this useful. Thanks! Happy New year.

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