Spacing Out is by far the most perfect escape from a boring lecture about process compliance. Surely those in the call center industry would agree. Remember that frown team leader (with a secret) suddenly calling your attention just to tell you over and over again that you had made a mistake. You wonder if by any mystical reason he was just born to make your day miserable.
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And then he asks you to tell him what you should have done. You answer, of course. Then he starts blabbing about the importance of process compliance the effects it may cause the company once done incorrectly. You did not notice but his mouth actually suddenly looked like that of a chicken.
A litany of the Virgin Mary flies in your mind. Your remembered the time your Nanay, who just died, told you how to meditate by praying the rosary while thinking of the Holy Mother hugging you tight. That Nanay who taught you how to pray and that prayer who saved you from the boredom and frustration that the lecture from your coach is doing to your confidence and drive as an agent. And because you are not perfect, you thought about how awfully incompetent and inconsistent the boss and his fellow bosser are in the company for not acknowledging your efforts even to show it by replying to your emails. They didn't even say their condolences when you requested for a bereavement leave. Well, one boss did but that was only after you told them again through a resend of the leave request. You think these people are not humane to even care.
So you are out there escaping through the realm of self meditation when suddenly your team leader asks you a question you are unable to answer because you were busy praying. Hello? Hello? He continues to solicit a reply. After several attempts, you awaken, naive but embarrassed by the proof of carelessness. Your inability to answer an important question on time exhibited your lack of interest with anything he has to say. 
"I'm Sorry! My mind is not working" - you reply and add Apple Orange Apple Orange Apple Orange to answer the question.
But your weirdly stressed mind suddenly pops out an image of him as Gwyneth Paltrow's role in Glee. That barrett Su Selvester commented as “out of fashion". Apparently, your coach was wearing one that day. You poke the joke. YOU LOOK LIKE GWYNETH!
He replies with a poker face. पोकर फाके? 

You wonder if that was his way to escape humiliation or if he just found your lack of humor humiliatingly pathetic like the Scientist from Indepence Day who called the allien a 'freak show'.  Get it? Get it?

You thought that this could have been the same expression your customers were having when you read out the Sales Script in VERBATIM.
Okay... "So what you should do is reply to the message I sent you with a message that you have been coached, alright?" -he broke the ice. It took you minutes to fully comprehend his grammar-busy sentence.
You realized he just just missed your joke and your were overanalyzing his poker face. Now that is over and done with, you can go ahead and log out and go on with your life proving that you are a prophet by winning the lottery.
Of course, you don't try to wait for the lottery numbers to arrive in your meditation because just like ex boyfriends, they come when you least expect them in your dreams. Ha!
By the way, were Motorola drivers ruder to you today? There are just those days. . .

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  1. glorybee says:

    Hahahaha... This article is full of paradox! I read it five times...

    We get lessons learn anywhere in this planet! The worst and the best of it! Inside the toilet, the classroom, the streets, the movie house & mind you on the job... And it's on the job that we transform from cocoon to another facet of life. An insatiable learning process, where even a simple child's cry teaches us so many lessons. Everyday grind exposes us to life's numerous mentors... from the people we encounter on the streets to the "bosses" on the job. This makes learning both interesting frustrating: There are mentors who act like duplicates of another mentor and is constantly trying hard to perfect his being a copy-cat; There are those who pretend to be consistent but displaying obviously contradiction; and There are those who are not fit to be mentors at all. But laugh at them or cry with dismay... at the end of the day, we swallow pieces of them in our system... and slowly or even quickly we will become like them... callous... insensitive... perfectionist... gods in their own imaginary kingdom.

    So what's new? How then could we cope? PRAY out loud, pour our quiet disappointments with this routine or secretly plan a perfect crime to terrorize or kill them all... Does it really make us happy?

    Life indeed has many paradox. Wish me luck in the next Lottery! hahahaha Never expect so much!

  2. it's really the best way to escape from someone who's blabbering nonsense...and sometimes I choose to be a little creative in spacing out...
    in fact I also do this even when talking to customers on the phone which is the most often mark down in my QA score - active listening... hahahaha....

  3. swito says:

    To glorybee and brikoi - thanks for commenting. The act of mentors mastering their skill in making subordinates feel miserable is also evident not only in the call center business but also in our government. There! Now flashes of those crazy chauvinist politicians are running in my mind. anyway, it would do us a lot of good to find a way to escape these bad thoughts about them. How about thinking of winning the lottery, instead. Now there's a good vision. Good luck

  4. Anonymous says:

    What gives... Why must Politicians be a chauvinist? When theres a whole lot of dirty female politicians 2... the Epitome is GMA mind you...

  5. thanks for the comment, anonymous. I intentionally did not qualify the politician by gender. politicians are chauvinist and or selfish and or corrupt irregardless of their genders. it is their jobs; the temptation that goes around it and the way they handle it that allows negativity.

  6. joemar says:

    nice and cool website. switos talaga :D

  7. neil says:

    Lol. Good post!

    Reminded me of my call center days and my hatred towards the QA people. For some reason they pull up your worst calls.

    Anyway, after 3 years, I call it quits and life has been way better.

  8. thanks for commenting neil. but as they say, the business pays the bills. what are you up now that you've quit call center? :D

  9. isaw says:

    i'd like to keep a poker fun, but this post is funny!

  10. Asin of Coritha says:

    Well Pearl I can relate...There are nice Tl's but he/she just needs to prove something. One advice "Always cover your ass!".hehehehehe

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