first Published last  Nov 1, 2010
by Glorypearl Dy
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I've been receiving flooded mails about Christian virtues and education ever since I opened my yahoo mail in 1996. They were always shared in a comics format or through colorful text.
Because of the redundant format of the presentation, I sometimes disregard reading the message. I know that most of my friends consider them spam and immediately delete them.
But I came across a story in comic form which gave me an idea: why not make a video out of this. I'm sure that when I try to share the same story to my friends, they will be more interested since it would be shown in a new way.
It was simple to make the video.
1st: SAVED THE PHOTOS. by click the right button and save the photos, I was able to get a hold of the stories before I import them to movie maker.
2nd: IMPORT to MOVIE MAKER: Importing is easy. You can get advice through previous post to know why.
3rd: ARRANGE THE EVENTS. Of course I arranged the photos to the timeline and then place a wipe effect to right every other storyboard. I also place a sound for the background.
4th: PUBLISH. Then I published the movie to make it easier to see.
5th: SHARE. Now that it was in video format, I would assure that my friends would delete it asap.

Here is the video -->

UPDATE: I did not make the drawings. The email that was sent did not contain any stock,  If anyone knows who made the sketches, please do comment and tell me. Thanks

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