(Presenting Site Location and 3d animation of Building via of Sketch UP on your Presentations)

The gossips are true, Davao City is indeed booming with all the shopping malls sprawling like mushrooms in 2011 and 2012 namely Abreeza and of course, SM City Lanang, the new upscale SM apart from SM City Davao which will cater to the high end market.

I am sure most Dabawenos are so excited for these shopping scenes and would like to know more on what the malls would offer.

 I know for certain that SM City lanang will have an IMAX Cinema, a Roof Garden like SM North Edsa Sky Garden (more Greeneries as well), Alfresco of course and some very upscale tenants. 
This is just a glimpse of what is in store. I'm not even advertising because there is no need to. I'm sure my fellow Davaoenous are gritting their teeth in excitement. 

If you want to know more about the new SM Mall, watch out for more of my posts in the coming days. This is first hand information.

On another note,, I  entitled this post "Architecture students should read this" because architecture students will find some of my ideas and walk throughs useful for their design presentations. I bet most of you "arki" use powerpoint presentations to explain your designs. Did I hear thesis nerves wrecking?

This post is about how you can present your designs.

Watch the powerpoint I made for an example.

First suggestion: How to present Design Concepts.
I usually use the FADE In animation because I think it gives a more dramatic effect but you can always use other animations.

Second Suggestion: How to present your site location.
What I did was INSERT the Map from Google Maps or your maps whatever and then Traced the road using the SHAPE and LINE. Then, I insert the Split (or whatever fits you) Custom Animation to give a Tracing effect. I did for most of the Roads before puting a label with the EASE In animation to give a more sopisticated effect.

Third suggestion: Presenting your building walk thru using Sketch Up on Powerpoint or ODP.
What i usually do is make a 3d model of my building and then put scenes using sketch up animation. Then I insert it on the Presentation software like Powerpoint.

Reminders: Always put this anmation either on your introduction to your design development before presenting your floor plans or after your present your floor plan and they want to see the finish product.

Updated 1:
On my search for good Architecture websites. I puddled upon this really awesome site called 

I said, "I just need to tell people about this cool site".

3 Responses so far.

  1. jesse says:

    coool! can't wait to see these malls!

  2. yes ..mee toooo!!!! so excited to tambay there from the perspectives of SM pa nga eh.. :-)hehehe

  3. tiara says:

    wow. Davao's economy is on the rise... cant wait to go home! hehe.

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