Every wanted to make a silhouette from your face or a building? Here are some tips you can do to achieve that using your PowerPoint software.

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What you need:
1. A Picture of anything you would like to make a silhouette of
2. PowerPoint software
3. Some DRAWING skills

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint software. On the upper right you can see the word DESIGN. Click it and you can see different themes. Choose a theme by clicking on one of the choices.

Step 2: Inserting a Clip Art or Picture
After choosing your theme, you can now insert a clip art or Picture. You can do this by clicking on the word INSERT and then clicking the icon CLIP ART or PICTURE located lower to the word INSERT. A slide will appear which makes you choose which Clip Art you want.

Step 3: Drawing the silhouette
To make a silhouette, click SHAPES then use the LINE tool or the Freeform tool. Draw the sides of the picture you want to make a silhouette of.

Step 4: Animate the lines first
It is important that you animate the lines first. Click ANIMATIONS and then choose the PLUS/ SPLIT animation to give an image that the lines are drawing into a silhouette.
After which, animate the Picture by choosing another entrance animation like FADE.

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