"If one person is blogging against you, you have problems with your family ties. If two to three people are writing against you, you should reassess your attitude. But if more than three people blogs against you. you are famous."
But I'm not going to blog against someone right now only to make her feel famous.

I'm going to talk about Hair! because I've recently observed that I keep on touching my hair when I'm busy thinking.  When I sit in front of the computer prior to writing, I mess my hair all up unconsciously wishing good ideas would splatter like dandruff from my head.

Or roll  fluidly like the codes of the matrix

Refract like this attempt to make a Jackson Pollock when I drastically need an interesting subject, metaphor or simple blog post.
Or blow out so timelessly like farting in the MRT

When I'm anxious whether or not I would win a match in table tennis, I would readily tie my hair only to scratch my head over and over again until my pony tail becomes a bonnet of an over rehearsed ballerina. 

Truth is, my silly hair is just the reflection of a simple frustration. Like others, I do get frustrated when I could not think of a best idea or become the best of one thing. This is an obvious reflection of the result of innate competitiveness. And totally normal for a budding career woman.


We constantly strive to be top of the game. We make it to the national competitions on something and become the Champion. Then we are asked to play against better players outside the country making us realize how mediocre we still are. This is not even due to third world mentality. Although, many would argue. 


Of course, there are different categories where in we can be the best. I found my niche on the later days of my college life. After realizing that I was not winning a game anymore, I decided to develop dancing and writing, instead. My twin delved into the world of Architecture.

Of course, there were still other better people who were more equipped with comprehensive knowledge and  had obvious grasp of the skills. Making sure that I did not compare myself that much made me wake up feeling better about myself.

Instead of just planning to become the MASTER of something, or the best of it, which is quite impossible, my twin and I decided just to deal with being knowledgeable with a lot of things. I decided to compete with myself. That attitude has saved me a lot of head scratching.

The Jack of All Trades and Master of None is not a stupid JACK, after all.

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  1. glorybee says:

    Hehehehe... You made my day! I thought I was just notorious... but then again, it seems someone, a few, quite a number, perhaps more is reading and reacting to what I write. Well... I agree with your assessment. I am becoming famous... Hehehehe

  2. yes. you are becoming famous. continue whatever you are doing but share it to those who needs a little push. hahaha http://filipinochildren.blogspot.com/

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