Some people were asking me who I would say "I love you" to. Well, I guess I would leave the name of that person to myself, for now. 

What I would love to share, though, is HOW I WOULD SAY I LOVE YOU ONLINE especially to that special someone who can't be by my side. I'm still preparing how I would do that but I would definitely post that special video here. 

For the meantime, I've managed to help someone say she cared for someone through a video. So much for scary halloween vids, here's a charmer. Check it out.

disclaimer: I've erased the photos and name of the person this vid was given to just to satisfy privacy,)


I’ve got 10 easy steps on how to do this that even a tech newby can do. 

1. Get a copy of your favorite song
2. Get the lyrics of the song and understand it word per word
3. Divide the lyrics per line. Decide which word can be literally sketched or which word can simply be written. 
4. Go to National Bookstore. Get a hold of the ff:
      20 12x12 Cartolina
      Skateboard sharpener
      Broad pentel pen
      Digital video camera
5. Draw out the literal lyrics. Color some images if necessary.
6. Get a video camera
7. Take a video of the Carolina in tune with the lyrics of the song
8. Take extra clips for instrumentals as in view of the trees or of buildings or of people.
9. Go to any net cafe if you do not have any computer to make the video on. (see anyone can do this) 
10. Go to WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER and import every video taken.
11. On the Movie Maker Software, drag the music and the videos on the timeline. Choose the transitions and the effects.
12. Export movie and whoala!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Tet for this idea. She has a big heart and whoever received the video should be very inspired. If not, then he is crazy. 

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  1. I want to make something like this :)

    for the same reasons :P

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