Bar Graphs are always presented especially in business meetings with a very special client. Sometimes, it comes boring especially if you do not add some effects that would make it worth listening and looking.

We have prepared a simple guide in presenting your Bar graphs on your presentation. Watch this.

To do this, you have to follow these simple steps.
1st: Prepare your Bar graphs. If you have three rows, this means you have to prepare four different pictures. For instance, first picture shows the bars being in hatch. Next picture shows one of the bars colored blue and next colored red and next colored yellow. 
picture 1

picture 2
picture 3
picture 4

2nd: Once your pictures are ready, insert them to your Presentation software slide. 
First picture should be in still meaning no animation at all. For the rest of the picture, you customize an animation specifically the WIPE animation.
The WIPE animation will give the effect that your bars are increasing up. 
3rd: Take note that when you put the WIPE animation to your second, third and fourth picture, you have to make sure you set the animations as ON MOUSE CLICK and also at MEDIUM speed.
4th: Save your Slides and Copy them to your existing Business Presentations.

Hope you found this useful, we have also prepared a guide in presenting LINE GRAPHS, read more.

Read also about Powerpoint Presentations here:


If you want to ask me more information about how to make graphs for your presentation or ask me to give you FREE powerpoint graph animations, feel free to comment.

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