Happy Halloween everyone! Last week, we made a basic Halloween Greeting for your kids to do. Now, let’s try doing something scary for adults. 

I know everyone has phobias with certain insects especially insects going inside the body. So here is an animation using PowerPoint of scary insects.
Watch this. 

We made this using any presentation software which you can find if you are using Windows which is the PowerPoint or Opensource which is ODP.
What you can do is 

1st: Open you Presentation software and then insert a Picture of your Eye. You can take pictures of your Eyes using your Webcam.
2nd: Draw insect using the Presentation software by clicking insert SHAPES. Choose among the SHAPES either round where you can draw a spider and then some FREEFORM shapes so that you can make the hands or legs of the insects.
3rd: Use the MOTION PATH animation of the Presentation software to move the insects you made to the directions you want. You can either move then By click or after previous by setting the animation on the right pane.
4th: Try looking at what you made using F5 and if you like it already, save it as a show or .ppsx for PowerPoint presentations.
5th: You can send your scary simple Animation to you friends via email by attaching the show file or you can convert it to a video so that you can upload it to the internet.
That’s it!
I hope you found this helpful in making scary Greetings for the Scary Season!
If you have comments, write here. We would be happy if you can suggest to us anything,

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