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This website teaches you how to do presentations for school, work and for entertainment, greeting for holidays using old school animation techniques from your favorite softwares you can access from any computer which is the Powerpoint and the Moviemaker.

Our main readers are the 40 and above professional or not who are interested but has not been exposed to the techie world but are dying to learn how to do animations that could brighten up their presentations for Holidays, Anniversaries, business meetings and the likes.We will be posting articles once (1) a week so that readers will have new information to access especially during rest days such as Sundays and Saturdays.

Powerpoint and Moviemaker Presentations are downloadable from the articles that we have posted so that you can make your own out of it.

Aside from this, we also feature Filipino and foreign animators that have been part of the animation business using up to date animation softwares who has inspired us. We will be updating this features monthly.

We will also be feature other websites that are also useful in giving information on up to date animation softwares as well as powerpoint and moviemaker techniques. We will be featuring these websites every month as well.

Also, we may generate ad income and accept advertising ads and links in this blog.



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