This coming Halloween, I have managed to make a terrifying video that scared the hell out of my twin sister before all souls day even arrived. 
Here's how I managed to make it work. 


FIRST, I grabbed my favorite video and still camera. This is a type of cam with file types that can easily be transferred to the computer. That is important since my plan was to immediately edit the shots and form them into a GOOD SCARE.

THEN I went outside the room to take a video of the door, opening the door, tracing tracks of the details in the room leading to the comfort room door. All of the shots were taken while I made a funny sound in the back ground. Then I suddenly opened the comfort room door.

AFTER THAT, I grabbed a scary photo from google. THAT'S IT.Pretty easy. But those were just the shots I needed before I edit.


I NEEDED A SIMPLE WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER. Almost every Windows operating system has a windows movie maker. To find this, just click START from the Left side of the Desktop and then click windows movie maker from the choices.

Once I’ve opened the windows movie maker, I imported the videos by clicking IMPORT from the screen. All of the files should be present in the screen after the import finalizes. It should look like something below.

THEN I dragged the video and image files to the STORYBOARD by chronology. AFTER THAT, I dragged effects to first BOARD. It should look like something below.

THE EXCITING PART. I finally published the video by simply clicking the PUBLISH TO -THIS COMPUTER.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    cool.wer you get the fearful picture.?

  2. I got that from google. Thanks for reminding that I had to link the photo. hehe.

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