A special Halloween treat. Here is a basic Halloween greeting using presentation animations you can teach your kids. Even your little toddler can surely make. All you have to have is your presentation software.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint software. On the upper right you can see the word DESIGN. Click it and you can see different themes. Choose a theme by clicking on one of the choices.
Step 2: Inserting a PUMPKIN Clip Art
After choosing your theme, you can now insert a clip art. You can do this by clicking on the word INSERT and then clicking the icon CLIP ART located lower to the word INSERT. A slide will appear which makes you choose which Clip Art you want.
Step 3: Animating the Clip Art
To add animation to your Clip art, click the word ANIMATIONS on the upper pane and click CUSTOM ANIMATIONS. You can now see the animations panel on the right side. Click ADD EFFECTS to add an animation.
Step 4: Happy Halloween Greeting
Type in the greeting using INSERT then the TEXT tool. Use the DESCEND Animation for your Happy Halloween Greeting. Always make sure the font size coincides with Design of the Slide.
Step 5: Save and Send
After deciding the finish product, save your work by clicking SAVE AS + OTHER FORMATS. Use the Powerpoint Show with an extension (.ppsx).

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