Since our blog is about presentation animations such as PowerPoint presentations and greetings and Cool audio visuals, we, have decided to feature artist who are great in this field. 
We will start with Great animators on the Global scale.

Thanks to  Asian Journal Blog making the "Filipinos on Top of Hollywood Animations" blog article, we learned that Filipinos are great abroad.
The journal mentioned some really great artist who where part of the big screens at Hollywood.

1. Mang Nelson Bohol - responsible for the Bahay Kubo
2. Virginia “Gini” Cruz - animated Dory
1. Armand Serrano - making the parols hanging in little Hawaiian girl Lilo’s Christmas sequence 
2. David Kawena - animated the surfer dude at the movie
Great isn't it? Let's be proud Pinoy!

More featured Artist :
Reiko Okuyamamost influential woman animator.

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  1. i love animations too!! :D

  2. thanks for teh comment eggyolks..we share the same likes.. :-)

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