Philippine Internet Rights Declaration Launches in Davao During Pecha Kucha on Selfie

Foundation for Media Alternatives partners with Switotwins, Inc, Startup Davao, Dakila Davao and other local digital advocates in Davao City to launch the Philippine Declaration on Internet Rights during the Pecha Kucha Volume 2 - Selfie last December 5, 2015. Also co-organizers of the Pecha Kucha were JCI Duwaling, CoffeeBot Solutions, and SMART. 49-DSCF7064 The PechaKucha Night Volume 2 on Selfie in Davao was an informal and fun gathering where creative people got together to share experiences about taking selfies, discuss in detail the psychology behind selfies and learn how taking selfies can be an expression of rights online. The working declaration on the Philippine Internet Rights was concretized by multiple stakeholders on the first-ever forum on Internet Governance, Human Rights, and Development in March 2015.  The preamble states the ff:
  • Recalling that the Philippines is a sovereign democratic state in Southeast Asia, an archipelago that has a diverse population of various cultures that speaks different languages and dialects and professes different beliefs and ideologies;
  • Recognizing the 1987 Philippine Constitution, and that the State shall promote social justice in all phases of national development and should value the dignity of each and every human person;
  • Recognizing that the Internet plays an important role in the lives of the peoples of the Philippines, affecting their social, political, cultural, and economic development;
  • Recognizing that the Internet is a global commons and a public resource that should further the public interest;
  • Asserting that governance of the Internet should be inclusive, democratic, and rights-based, and should encourage the widest possible participation, particularly from marginalized and vulnerable sectors;
  • Noting that while the Internet has provided a platform for the promotion of human rights and increased democratization in the country, it has nevertheless also been misused and abused at times, and that such misuse or abuse results in a widening of the social divide or increased oppression;
  • Affirming that all human rights that apply or are enjoyed offline, particularly those enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), and in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), should likewise also apply and be protected online;
  • Emphasizing the responsibility of the State to always respect, protect and fulfill human rights, as also the responsibility of the private sector including Internet intermediaries to respect the human rights of their users consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;
philippine declaration on internet rights 25-DSCF7031Angel Abella of Startup Weekend said that "a selfie is not a selfie without the internet." 30-DSCF7040Karla Singson, blogger and local media, said that "the rising selfie culture makes women take back the power of dictating how society looks at them. You want people to know you're pretty? Post a selfie. That you eat right and exercise? Post a selfie. That you have interesting hobbies? Post a selfie." She adds that using the power of selfies and the internet can change how women look at themselves from being subjected to judgment and objectification to actually telling people how women would like to be seen. In a written statement, Initiative for International Dialogue, one of the signatories of the Philippine Declaration on Internet Rights said that "with the Internet emerging as the new platform of democratic space and expression helping humankind shape its emerging dialogue and discourse, IID expresses solidarity with all stakeholders who support this declaration." IID encouraged everyone to support and popularize the Philippine Declaration of Internet Rights and Principles through collective vigilance and advocacy in ensuring that the Internet remains free and unfettered for all. 52-DSCF7067

TrimLab's Pole Fitness in Davao City

A beginner trying out the Pole Fitness workout -"Dreamgirl"

There is nothing like a good work out! One of the newest trends in Davao City brought by Trimlab is the Pole Fitness workout , a very athletic kind of workout where in one climbs, spins and literally sits on a metal pole. This kind of work out has been proven to help one lose weight and tone muscles. 

What to Wear?
Women can wear short shorts and tank top while men can also do the same. 

Where to find Trimlab?
The studio is beside EON and very near Abreeza. It is at 2/F A. Cortez Building, Km 4 JP Laurel Ave, Bajada, Davao City. Visit there Facebook Page to know more.

Pole Fitness class for both men and women. Visit Trimlab Facebook Page Here

What to expect?
Expect a very rewarding one hour and thirty minute work out. As teacher tweety, one of the Trimlab teacher, said "Over time, Pole fitness develops your flexibility and boost self-confidence"

Peacebuilding NGO to publicly screen women's call for a peaceful Bangsamoro

DAVAO CITY - From victims of violence, Bangsamoro women become agents of change in the four minute video “A Better Bangsamoro for All: Women's Contributions to the Basic Bangsamoro Law” by international peacebuilding organization, Conciliation Resources, which will be screened at the “KUMBIRA: A Feast of Local Literatures” at People's Park on April 17, 2015 from 4:00 PM onwards.

The video captures the unified vision and commitment for a peaceful Bangsamoro of Lumad, Settler and Muslim women-- the result of 72 consultations with some 3,000 women undertaken by four women's organization in the Bangsamoro, namely Nisa Ul Haqq Fi Bangsamoro, Teduray-Lambangian Women's Group (TLWOI), UNYPHIL-Women, and the Bangsamoro Action for Development Initiatives, in partnership with Conciliation Resources.

Since 2013, they have been working together on a project called “Entrenching Women's Participation in the Basic Law of Muslim Mindanao” that seeks to secure women's participation in the new Bangsamoro Basic Law and the Bangsamoro Government. The resulting vision document landmarks the biggest effort yet in a multi-sectoral women's participation in the Mindanao peace process.

Validated in a Women's Forum, it captures the goals of women from different ethnicities and economic backgrounds under the Bangsamoro Government, which road to reality was set after the draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) was passed to Congress in September 10, 2014.

Amina Abdullah, a young mother, hopes: “As a mother I want protection from violence and lack of security.”

According to a study by Asia Foundation, the past decade of violence in Mindanao, has temporarily or permanently displaced an estimated three million Mindanaoans, majority of which are women and children.

Another concern is the recognition and protection of Indigenous Peoples' rights. Rebecca Mokudef of TLWOI stresses, “Respect for Indigenous Peoples ancestral land will serve as a key to achieving lasting peace and development in Mindanao.”

Noraida Chio of The Asia Foundation also points the Bangsamoro Government's responsibility in a becoming a venue “where women are protected and included in decision making.”

In the draft of the BBL, women shall be represented in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) and will be reserved a seat in the future Bangsamoro Parliament. They will also have the right “to meaningful political participation and protection from all forms of violence.”

The public screening of the video is aimed to educate the public of the key role of women in the shaping of peace and stability in Mindanao and the country. Copies of the document “A Better Bangsamoro for All: Women's Contributions to the Basic Bangsamoro Law” will be distributed during the screening.

The vision document is funded by Foreign & Commonwealth Office and The European Union and produced by Mindanews.

Watch the video here:

5 Romantic Films that Show Walkability of Cities

Post Contributed by Rose Dy

Well lately, I have been very passionate about sustainable transport and inclusive mobility and I think everybody in the Philippines should be as well. Sustainable transport and non-motorized transport has been gaining popularity in the Philippines I believe but I think we actually fall a little short in terms of implementing it compared to other countries.

In fact, this good implementation of a walkable city is very evident in romantic films in other parts of the world and I am posting this blog to show you what I mean.

So, I have compiled these 5 films which I think (and I have watched) showing how a city is really walkable.

For the first three films, let me show you the trilogy of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight which are set in different cities

1. Before Sunrise

In this movie, the two couples who just met on the train are seen walking and talking in the entire city of Vienna. You can see how walking can really form a spark there, huh, Take note of all the scenery and how comfortable they where with all the trees while the entire love spark was going on. And then they leave each other in a train.

2. Before Sunset

Oh, how can we ever forget the day they met again. These two love birds met again in Paris, another walkable city as shown in this film. And once again they kept on walking and talking the entire time until they decide to settle at Celine's (the name of the woman in the film) place and thus begun their life together.

3. Before Midnight 

Jesse and Céline, from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, are now married and decide to go on a vacation at Greek Peloponnese peninsula, another walkable place as shown in this movie. As married couples, they discuss their concerns especially about Hank, Jesse's son from his ex-wife and they did this by walking around the Peloponnese peninsula. You can really see how easy it is to walk around an environment such as that. Not to mention the great history of the place and the almost surreal feel of the buildings and streets.

4. Once 

Set in Dublin, this semi-romantic (I must say) is about how creative process can start by walking. The girl meets the guy along the sidewalk while the guy was playing his guitar. Then they walk together around Dublin and discuss possible collaborations on music and also some subtle romantic glances on the side. Finally, they make music together. Ah! All because of walking and meeting on the walkable streets.


5. In the City of Sylvia

Althought this film was not released in mainstream, this is one of my favorite film so I have included this on the list. It is about a young foreigner who sits at the outdoor diners sketching and hoping to find the women he met there years before. Then he suddenly sees here and follows her everywhere she went until they finally arrive the train station. In the movie, one can really experience what it is to walk to different places comfortably (while stalking on the side).

So, that is about it. These are my five examples of romantic films showing walkability of the city in my opinion.  I bet you have examples, too. Do you? Maybe more Asian perhaps or even examples from the Philippines films? We do have walkable cities such as Dumaguete City and Vigan right? And we can even add more walkable cities by being advocates of sustainable transport and inclusive mobility.

So, let me know your thoughts. Please comment below to share your list of films.

Seventeen Inspiring Graduation Speeches for Every Student

Graduation is considerably one of the greatest moments in a student's life. Whether from high school or university, it is celebrated with a feast. Not everyone has an epic student life or they may seem ordinary to some but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated in any way. Some may have to work hard to finish school while some may have it easy. No matter how the path was, rocky or smooth, graduation should always be a goal for every student. 

Here are some amazing graduation speeches and some class videos for everyone finishing school.

1.  The Best Graduation Speech EVER!

2. The Cambridge High School - Graduation 2013

3. My school graduation video 2013

4. High School Graduation Video 2012 

5. ISC Sharjah Graduation Video - Class of 2013 

6. 13-05 ENJJPT Graduation Video 

7. LSS 2013 - Graduation Video 

8. Curtin University, Graduation Opening Video 

9. Graduation Video - The University of Nottingham 15/7/2011 afternoon 

10. Awesome Funny High School Graduation Post 

11. Connecticut Fire Academy: Recruit Class 40 Graduation Video 

12. You are Not Special Commencement Speech from Wellesley High School

13. J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement 

14. Conan O'Brien's 2011 Dartmouth College  Commencement Address

15. Best Graduation Speech Ever 

16. Penn's 2011 Commencement Address by Denzel Washington 

17. Oprah Winfrey Harvard Commencement Speech 

I don't know about you but these are the best videos to see for motivation especially during the nights where school isn't your ally. 

Twenty Cool Family Videos for The Entire Bunch to Watch


Big or small, all families are sources of genuine love and happiness. Without them, life would feel so incomplete or maybe even empty. Each family is different. Some may be tight as a knitted sweater while some aren't but still has a special bond between one another. 

Here are some beautiful videos each family can enjoy watching together. 

1. Kardashian Jenner Family Music Video - Lady Marmalade 

2.  Super cute baby wakes up!

3. Kardashian Family Hypnotize Video 

4.Modern Family - Cool Dad

5. BatDad

6. Cutest baby talk ever!

7. Cute Baby Leo Fighting Sleep 

8. Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper 

9. Talking Twin Babies Part Two 

10. Who's Your Favorite? 

11. Cute baby sleeping and eating

12. I didn't do it.

13. Twins mimic Daddy's Sneeze - Sneezing Twins


14. Daddy & His Scary Laugh 

15. Interview with a 2-Year-Old

16. The Funny Thing Kids Say Video 

17. Toddler Tries to Argue Like an Adult 

18. Kids unhappy to find out mom is pregnant 

19. Lily's Disneyland Surprise 

20. Funny Kids Dancing

 When you start a family, don't ever hide the camera. Make sure you can instantly capture all the moments. 

Ten Tear Jerking Romantic Videos for Everyone

As the cliche goes, "love is in the air". Every novel is about romance and the movies in the cinema have one underlying theme: love.
Not every love story is airy and light. Some go through different challenges that make their story an epic one. So may not have one (yet!!!)
but seeing someone else's is very inspiring.

Here are ten romantic videos every person who believes love will enjoy.

1. Pictionary turned into Proposal on a Friday night....

2. Justin and Emily: The Proposal

3. SUPER CREATIVE - The Proposal - How I Surprised Her XOXO

4. EPIC proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the making

5. She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn't Even Know it!!

6. The Proposal

7. Brad and Emily get Engaged!

8. Creative Cinema Marriage Proposal!

9. Her Fantasy Proposal that EXCEEDED Her Expectations!!

10. Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

If this doesn't say much about love, then your heart needs a little smooshing to be soft. Don't ever be afraid to share
your life and heat to someone else because it can be the best feeling ever.

Six Santiago Calatrava Videos Every Architect Should Watch

Every emerging architect and structural engineer knows Santiago Calatrava. That is because he somehow successfully intertwined the complex architectural design with complex structural integrity. With his famous and somewhat novelty designs, he is more often than not looked up to by every architect in existence.

I think it is because Calatrava has a way of articulating his designs from the intangible to the tangible. Agree?

Check these cu-ration of Calatrava videos and see if we have the same comment. Be inspired in bring nature to building forms.

"Constructing the New Designing Minds", three lectures by Dr. Santiago Calatrava and Prof. Alexander Tzonis, Dec. 2006

Santiago Calatrava: finding architecture's soul

 Architecture 09 of 23 Santiago Calatrava Satolas TGV

 Santiaogo calatrava documentary

 Famous Architect Santiago Calatrava selected projects

 Curve Architecture - Santiago Calatrava

curated by Gloryrose Dy

Top 5 Most Frustrating Romantic Movies

So this films will totally break your heart in the most frustrating way.

Yes, I had to put "Sana Dati" on the lists.

1. Never Let Me Go

2. Like Crazy

3. Atonement

4. Sana Dati

5. Blue Valentine

Do you know other frustrating films that is worthy for this lists? Please do send a comment.

curated by Gloryrose Dy

Five Movie Speeches To Motivate You

I was supposed to curate Shakespeare plays. Now as exciting as that may sound, I found myself in a not so excited frame of mind. So in order to spur my enthusiasm, coupled with more than a Lilliputian amount of procrastination, I digged through YouTube for these motivating movie speeches. And voila, instead of Shakepeare plays I present to you five movie speeches that are guaranteed to motivate you... when you are not really looking to be motivated.

All ye hardcore Shakespeare fans will have to wait.

1. Captain Miller's Speech

Miller's marines don't back out regardless of the job at hand. Miller's marines get the job done.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross Speech

Blake's torrent of verbal abuse for when you really need to deliver.

3.Braveheart Freedom Speech

No movie speeches compilation is complete without this. That's all I have to say about that.

4.Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman

For when you are doubting if you are doing things right.

5.Ezekiel 25:17

The mother of all Samuel L. Jackson speeches.

Any speeches in film that gets you motivated? Please share them in the comments. I could use some suggestions for Shakepeare plays too so if you have anything in mind feel free to share them in the comments too.

Want to be a curator?

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